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The Covid-19 pandemic hit businesses hard. It’s around that time that we, a small team of digital marketers, working in very different industries (starting from travel and ending in Fintech) found ourselves faced with difficult decisions. After much deliberation we decided to set-up camp in 2020 (nice round number) as a young digital marketing management consultancy and agency.

To begin with we took on only a limited number of clients at a time. We value our reputation and we want to deliver quality work to anyone who decides to put their trust in us and in our company. Working with a limited number of clients helped maintain this standard.

Today, the NBD team is actively sourcing new talent across the globe and truly embracing its brand by crossing any and all borders of what we deemed was possible. Our mission is to drive this new era of digitalization forward and help businesses make the most out of the opportunities available.

We value honesty, integrity in our work, and understanding in our approach. Our aim is for you to see us not as a partner, or as an agency, but rather a reliable extension of your marketing efforts.

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