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We never make any guarantees, but we are pretty confident in our abilities and put our money where our mouth is. For agency based cooperation formats an account manager will work with you to define your milestones and provide a competitive offer with your results at its core.

One off Management Agency Consultancy Online class
Overview One off projects or tasks that need to be resolved. Internal team, external agency or partner advisory services on your behalf. Performance based cooperation against set goals. Cooperation with a limited amount of hours allocated each month. Subscription services where you have access to book a tutor for 1 on 1 digital marketing classes.
Example In urgent need of a digital marketing budget for a pitch deck. Need oversight of agency’s work ensuring they are delivering the required performance on a recurring basis. Looking to launch in a new market and need 15% growth in sales month on month. Need recommendations on how to roll out new product lines across all eCommerce assets. Would like to get a better grasp on the right questions to ask when hiring digital marketing specialists.
Work Process Introductory call.
Client Requirements and Delivery Expectations (Goals, Targets, KPI’s).
Scope of Work assessment.
Digital asset accesses.
Scope of Work realignment.
Final offer.
Project start.
Introductory call.
Client Requirements and Delivery Expectations.
Scope of Work assessment.
Estimate for hours required.
Introductory call.
Topic lists.
Client Requirements and Delivery Expectations.
Quote and class schedule.
What is included Project delivery as per defined scope of work.
Summary call and walkthrough of work.
Supplementary documentation for completed work handover.
Account manager.
Daily customer support access.
Planning meetings with teams.
Bi-weekly delivery meetings with stakeholders.
Daily performance monitoring dashboards.
Bi-weekly stakeholder performance reporting.
One meeting slot per week for ad-hoc meetings.
Daily advisory work as per agreed scope.
Account manager.
Daily customer support access.
Daily channel performance monitoring dashboards.
Channel management.
Weekly Performance Reporting.
Channel recommendations.
Internal team campaign planning and task delegation.
Web analytics and tracking.
Dedicated consultant.
Weekly Scope of Work definition.
Weekly Scope of Work deliverables.
Class topic schedules as confirmed with client.
45 min – 1 hour classes.
Reading materials and additional resources.
Monthly quizzes.
Grading and scoring on topics covered.
Recommendations and suggestions.
Marketing Strategy and Budgets.
Market and Competitor Research.
KPI development.
Digital Marketing Product Fit.
Marketing Channel audits.
Agency Performance audits.
Search Engine Marketing.
Search Engine Optimization.
Social Media Marketing.
Basic Web / App Analytics and tracking.
Advanced Web Analytics and tracking.
Third party marketing services integrations.
Web and ad creative design.
Basic Reporting.
Advanced or Custom Reporting.
Digital Marketing Candidate Screening.
Digital Marketing Employee Onboarding.
Employee Training.
Data analytics and testing.
Ideal for Great for non-recurring one off tasks. Great for businesses that have a small marketing team, no defined strategy and/or budgets, looking to step up to the next level. Great for companies with defined marketing budgets looking to improve performance and profitability from specific channels. Great for businesses
with larger marketing teams working in alignment to their strategy and budgets that are actively expanding their services or reach.
Great for professionals of any level that do not work directly in marketing, but would like to learn more.
Hourly €50/hour Monthly contract
from €1,500
Monthly contract
from €600
Monthly contract
from €600
Volume based
from €50/h

Package add ons

One time SEO audit

Prior to preparing an SEO strategy an audit is required to grasp the current state of the web property. It’s important to get it right as your website’s “SEO readiness” will play a vital role in all future efforts. The audit will deliver a report covering all key on-site factors, provide a value assessment and set a priority level to assist in planning your businesses IT resources.

Technical audit.
Site architecture review.
Page content review.
Page speed tests.
Redirect path review.
UX / UI recommendations.
Competitive Analysis.
Requirements list and prioritization.

Fixed price

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

Monthly work that is off-site, which many would classify as “reputation management”. Main difference would be that ongoing SEO work focuses on improving a website’s reputation not just with the end users, but also with Search Engines. Authoritative references and mentions to your website build out your domain trust and over time improve a websites positions.

Initial SEO strategy.
Keyword Analysis & Semantics Clusters.
Content Plan.
Reputation Building.
Monthly Reporting.
Monthly website reviews and recommendations.

Price on request. Volume dependent.

Review optimization services

With more than 60% of users referring to reviews prior to making a purchase decision or any sort of commitment it is a no-brainer that maintaining or building a solid reputation online nowadays is a necessity. What’s important is how we approach this and on top of it drive more value out of this user generated content. This is where we come in.

Online reputation audit and screening.
Review optimization strategy.
Review tool integrations or custom development.
Review acquisition.
Review management.
Review optimization for added value (e.g. mark ups, micro data, more).

Price on request. Volume dependent.