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We try to avoid the term “performance marketing”, because it tries to box marketing into a certain type. By definition all marketing should strive towards performance. It’s simply a question of measure. We prefer to classify channels by client types:

Not your clients

Direct Acquisition

Your clients

Owned Media Marketing

Your advocates

Earned Media

You will notice that our packages focus on client requirements and goals, which we aim to achieve with a balanced diet of the three above.

In our humble opinion, this is the best type of media. You either built it out yourself, such as an app, or acquired it over time, e.g. your client database.

While paid media costs are a constant variable (:P) where price is in a constant state of flux due to market demand, competition or external factors, with owned media this isn’t the case. You can predict with a high level of accuracy what your monthly costs are and how they might scale. What is important to understand is that all media types feed into each other.

We can help with:

  • Website UX / UI.
  • CRM marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Push subscription services.
  • Marketing automation and more.

Your clients are your largest asset. However, as the saying goes “Trust is a fragile thing—hard to earn, easy to lose.” More than 60% of all customers go to research your brand online prior to making any contractual or purchase commitments. Our job is to make sure your most loyal customers remain as such, with the help:

  • Online reputation management.
  • Community management.
  • Review and feedback management.

Much of the time all of the above overlap, but together the lay the foundation for running a business online. Our packages are designed to support this foundation with simple, but effective elements:

Training & Digital Literacy – It’s important everyone speaks the same language. We offer the opportunity to subscribe and order a custom designed class / training schedule that will help professionals of any level feel both comfortable and confident when speaking to their colleagues, staff, partners or other agencies.

Marketing Technology – Today it’s hard to get anything done without some tech, especially in digital marketing. A lot of services listed above will require some type of integration or tracking.

Marketing Analytics – It is vital to ensure you have all the right tools in place for informed decisions. Data accuracy, data availability and reporting will all be reviewed to capture the full context within which marketing (especially acquisition campaigns) will need to operate and with that limitations.

Advisory Services – As we have outlined in the very beginning, people will be your biggest success factor. Whether it be your employees, partners or external agencies. Clear communication, task delegation, and decision making is what we can bring. With over 15 years of managing marketing teams, partners and stakeholders we believe we know what it takes to streamline your marketing, while omitting redundancies in the workflow.