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Our approach

Everything starts with some homework on our part to paint the digital landscape within which your business operates. This is followed by a one on one deep dive session. We use this opportunity to learn more about your business, it’s history, success stories, goals and expectations.

Our services

Full scope digital

This includes whatever is required before, during and after running marketing campaigns online. Market research, target audience definition, competitor analysis, marketing strategy, marketing budgets, 3rd party service provider integrations, web and event tracking, web analytics are some of the few to name the least.

Digital Marketing

Covers a wide range of traffic acquisition options aimed at reaching client targets. We help run pay-per-click campaigns, social media campaigns, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, B2B and B2C lead generation, remarketing and retargeting, marketing automation and email marketing.

Digital Consultancy

Having seen many projects over the years we realize that with just a little bit of tweaking the business can breath a new life online. As digital marketing consultants our aim is to help transform websites and apps to efficiently process acquired visitors, analyse performance with advanced analytics and reporting and if required help businesses go digital.

Everything we do is supported by key elements that should be expected from any marketing company.

Reporting and dashboards
You will have basic reporting and dashboards available to keep track of our results and pose any questions. For more advanced analysis custom reporting can also be made available on request.
To keep a history and manage discussions effectively we create collaborative Slack channels for both NBD team members and client representatives.
Project Management
For larger projects all work is managed in Trello. A new board will be created for your brand where we fully welcome clients to participate in our day to day.
Planning calls
Based on the project, we highly recommend jumping on a call every week or two weeks. The aim of which would be to review past performance, discuss key takeaways and agree on an action plan for the next sprint of work.